Santa Fe, Sedona…Beauty and Sadness

October 1, 2010 Evolutionary

Well, folks, I guess this will be my last entry for a bit as I make my way back to the San Fernando Valley of big, whopping Los Angeles.  After a very tough exit from my parents in Houston, I drove all the way up to Santa Fe, where I stayed until this morning.  I landed there late at night, so it wasn’t until the next morning that I went into the Plaza and immediately found the Basilica of Saint Francis.  It felt like I was led right to it and then comforted by every corner of it.

Basilica of Saint Francis

The Basilica has been there in its current form since about 1880 but has been in that location for 400 years!  It was stunning and the perfect place to land.  Beautiful on the inside and out, it is delicately restored and magically painted.  Saint Francis is everywhere and it felt like he was holding my hand to walk me around.  There were many sculptures of him, but the one that started the tears was a white, carved one that towered over me on the outside of the church.

The altar of St. Francis Cathedral

Loretto Chapel

Also, in several places painted onto walls and over doors, “Love everyone.”  It was poignant considering the circumstances I’d left behind only 24 hours before.  Having had a glimpse of what love is, beyond the intellectual understanding we all know “love is all there is,” I felt even more deeply how much I want to experience the truth of love.  Mostly, this means, I want to experience the expression of love through me in service to others, certainly, but also, in the every day walk of life.  A glimpse of true love isn’t enough; it is (or will be) the foundation for everything.

Loretto Chapel Stunning Altar

Santa Fe was the best cocoon I could’ve asked for to be with some intense sadness.  It has many chapels, churches and alternative spiritualities all around, not to mention great art, history and landscape.  I also realized here that while money isn’t important in the grand scheme of the cosmos, just as anything material holds no eternal truth, it does facilitate many opportunities to serve in a world that values money, on a planet of gamepieces.  I really get that now and guess what? – it’s time to return to the workforce.  This doesn’t leave Many Paths in the Santa Fe dust but it does make clear the most immediate priority.  I’m completely open to what this looks like and will follow it up with a peace-filled place to live.  Just as I’ve re-learned to trust God (and myself) through an easy but profound faith on this journey of many weeks, I realize that I will be placed in exactly the right position in exactly the right place with exactly the right people. There’s excitement in the air.

Loretto Chapel - notice spiral staircase miraculously carved out of 1 piece of wood

Sedona, unbeknownst to me, is in high season, which means it’s expensive and crowded.  BUT – and that’s a big but – it is an absolutely jaw-dropping, gorgeous place in its surroundings.  The cliffs of red rocks were unbelievable, truly they didn’t seem of this world.  Though I decided to continue on to Phoenix, I did stop to soak in the buzzing energy (note: head tingling almost the whole time) and the unreal views.  On the way

Chapel of the Holy Cross

out of town, I just happened to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a small chapel built into the rock, a chapel that welcomed all.  It’s both modern and sacred.  The chapel is one person’s dream that took 20 years to manifest.  That made me feel good and realized that Many Paths One Center may take longer than I want it to, but it will be a place for people of all faiths to come together, individually or collectively, to give their souls the attention they crave – crave because each one wants to get busy with its purpose for being here.  Nurture, explore, allow, connect, dive more deeply inward and then…move your feet.  Move from contemplation to contemplative commands the attention of the Infinite, Who summons all

Modern Christ Crucified in Sedona Chapel

Its angels, saints, beings and energies to support you in your good work.  The time to wake up to this is now.

Try to read if you can...a greater purpose at play.

Thank you to everyone for following along on this 7 week journey.  It has been extraordinary and many other things, but I’m grateful for all that has surfaced, all that has been surrendered, all that has taken root, for every tear and smile, for each moment of awe or wonder or intuitive guidance.  Every provision has been made for me from those seen and unseen all along the route beginning August 13th, the day I left for Hearst Castle, and…well, I’m still provided for on this day and will always be.  It is so for each one of us.  Open your hearts and let love lead the way from the deepest place within your being, where the soul stands still, whole and ready to meet its mission.

Let Love Lead the Way from your Soul.


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  • 1. Todd Hayen&hellip  | 

    Thank you so much Mark for sharing all of this with us. What are your plans now? Where will you be?

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