Is Texas the end of the world?

September 20, 2010 Evolutionary

Hello everybody.  I haven’t written in at least a week because I landed in Houston to stay with my parents and to try to visit family.  How grateful I am to have had 4 1/2 weeks of wonderful experiences before arriving here.  While I love my parents, and now 1 week into our visit, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay much longer than a few days more.  It seems that all of the spiritual practice and inner change that has occurred for me particularly in recent years is being whacked around like a ship adrift on stormy waves.  The boat is in tact but the crew tending to the ship is a little battered.  I recognize that none of my own discomfort has anything to do with my folks, but what continues to be crystal clear is that I don’t resonate in any way with Texas, its culture, its closed-minded media, and the hold all of this has on its citizens.  I find it psychically stressful and unusually sad.  There’s a media and marketing culture that perpetuates alternatives outside of the mainstream (Texan mainstream that is) as simply wrong with no room for discussion.  Suffocating at best, I’m grateful for the spiritual support, the love and lifting up that transcends all of this nonsense.  I wonder if Texas will be a bastion to stand alone in its own darkness while the rest of our world awakens to more and more light, more and more collaboration, corroboration and inclusion?

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone and every being is capable of waking up to a larger truth, one that is even larger than the borders of Texas.  That truth is that we are one with all life, so why not finally put down the judgments and realize that love is all there is and our only purpose.  Love in all its glory, with all that it directs us to be, without condition or parceling.  The love I discovered more deeply within me on this journey is fragile and it is quite something to observe the tendency to let it collapse in on itself, to give up the idea that we can let love lead the way without a plan, in a fresh and stark contrast to any experiences of love had so far – ones of condition, exclusion, doled out by meeting rules and regulations, bestowed when agreeable to do so or when opinions are agreed with.  Love for the sake of love is not something I ever witnessed or was taught; this love, so foreign yet so sweet, is only now welling up in me in such a way that I desire to allow it, express it, observe it and be patient with it. 

Thank God for Jesse Jennings and the Creative Life Center in Houston.  Though it was way out in the middle of nowhere, it was quite a nice service and a wonderful message, the 3rd series discussing the book of Genesis metaphysically.  In fact, it applies to what’s happening right now.  In talking about the Flood (the one with Noah’s Ark), Rev. Jennings equated the flood to the psychic energy we all begin to feel and navigate once we get down the spiritual path a little ways.  It can engulf us or we can choose to float on top of it, leaving behind the continuously negative words of media, politicians, talking heads, religions that serve to exclude, or cultures who, through their collective effort, attempt to shape the larger universal, negative experience.  We, as workers in the light, as emissaries for love and peace, must counter these messages and not be afraid to do so by whatever means we are called to utilize.  And, why not?  It isn’t with judgment that I make these observations, it is with profound gratitude that a different way of living has been shown to me and it is with a heartfelt sense of compassion that I offer these observations.  They are simply that, and it’s on this extended where I’ve realized the continuation of at least one theme throughout this entire pilgrimage – my past has no bearing on my future, principle outshines all precendents, to remain cognizant of not reworking or creating a new “story” along the way.  To leave all stories behind, to be present in this moment as God as Mark as Love. 

I’m desperately missing my home, being on the road, seeing friendly, accepting faces.  While it has its current challenges, I love my life today.  I love the Spirit that indwells all, that never exhausts in its attempt to wake us up further to who we are in God, who we are as the love of God for the love of God.


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