Just an observation from Fort Worth, Texas

September 12, 2010 Evolutionary

Hello from Texas!  If you haven’t done so yet, take a moment of silence to honor all affected by 9/11 now 9 years ago…office workers, bystanders, passengers, crew, public servants, military personnel, families, children, foreign innocents killed in war; in fact, the whole world needs our silent prayers right now.  Thank you for being the love, light and peace of the Infinite Presence.

The following is part of my journal entry following today’s visit in my own childhood town, Fort Worth.  I don’t think I could write anything differently for the blog:

Texas welcomes me back on a beautiful morning.

“My trip here has been a bit anti-climactic particularly after such deep emotion in Tulsa.  In Fort Worth, while visiting my childhood house at 3716 Labadie Drive and other places, I’m struck by the undisputable changes all around.  In Tulsa, too, but here, it’s most clear that once upon a time, I (and our family) passed through here and the changes to structures, yards and memories show, quite obviously, that the past really is long gone.  It is as if we were never here.

My bedroom was on the right but shared with my brother Scott.

“Who would have foretold in 1970 that I would one day return, a near half-century later, to sit in a Starbucks writing in my journal just blocks from my old home in Richland Hills?  Who would have declared that the winds of change would tear most memories of how things were to bits?  Who could have guessed that I, after a half-lifetime of experiences, would want to re-trace my past in the midst of giving up my current address, putting things in storage and facing a dramatically different start to life again?

Richland Hills Methodist Church was our church when I was a kid. I remember everything about it!

“It’s so obvious by the current landscape that the past is just a story.  It contains no hold, no reality, no promise one way or the other, no good, no bad.  It’s complete emptiness – if we let it be empty.  We’ve allowed our past to shape us, but it is the present moment – the eternal moment – that informs us.”

I’ve decided to treat myself to a very nice hotel in the beautiful, green and wooded hills of Austin before heading into Houston to visit my family.  I also graduated from the University of Texas in 1985 (by the skin of my teeth).  I’m looking forward to a bit of luxury.  Thank you all for reading the Infinite Journey blog and for your continued support and love while I’m gone.  Peace and love to you.

My elementary torn down and replaced by this beautiful and BIG, new school.


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