Unity Village…Kansas City…World Day of Prayer

September 9, 2010 Evolutionary

Italian Rennaisance redo at Unity Institute.

I was debating whether or not to make an entry to the blog because I wasn’t sure what to write about.  While I’m grateful for the shelter, the stop at Unity Village has been a little disappointing.  My instincts proved accurate in that the grounds are generally beautiful but less than welcoming.  Unity has built incredible structures in the old Italian Rennaissance style to house its expanding education programs, its Silent Unity prayer corps and administrative offices with several chapels of all sorts mixed in.  The fountains and walkways and buildings lined along the pools are stunning, but as Sue put it, they are austere.  I’ve certainly been inspired by the sheer immensity of their undertaking and desire to bring their facilities – outside and in – into the 21st century.

Unity Village has, however, reminded me of the vision – in part – for Many Paths with its library, retreat center, school and chapel.  I’m just

This area was stunning in the mall of water and walkways.

beginning to address my own commitment to Many Paths now nearly 4 weeks into this journey.  To let love lead the way may mean many things for many paths.  Without trying to construe new meaning or confirm its direction, I’m finding it both a challenge and a relief, depending on the moment, to allow this pervasive love that is within me – within us all – to guide, inform and blossom.  It’s really the only way now.  So, while a particular stay in different towns has not always been terrific on the outside, the time spent there has broken open my heart and will.  Ashland, Oregon and Whidbey Island, Washington come to mind and there have been others.  To have been broken open, vulnerable to everything and nothing at the same time, leaves me stunned, silent, a bit angry, resigned, excited, anxious, empty

Peace, Be Still inside Peace Chapel.

and full.  Thankfully, I’ve moved past saying aloud, “What the f**k?!

leading to Peace Chapel

Kansas City itself is quite an impressive little place.  It’s much more crowded than I would’ve guessed and much more hip.  It’s clean and very easy to get around.  The people have been extraordinarily friendly.  Kansas City feels like a city on the move, though the Kansas side needs to catch up with the Missouri side.  Apparently, the Missouri side is a nicer place to live but the Kansas side of the city has better schools.  The political fight here comes in over which state pays for what inside the city.  Interesting!  Who knew?

Mostly, this journey has produced an abudance of fruit, more fruit than I can digest here or in several sittings.  But, I am willing to face the fruit, and it is sweet, perhaps only rotten in one or two little places.  The pit will get tossed out, which signifies the root cause for so much of what has surfaced.  It’s time…it really is time to leave the story behind.  With that poor analogy, nevermind my rambling or my weariness.  Tomorrow is another day and I look forward to the drive into Tulsa (if Hurricane Hermine behaves!).  And, remember World Day of Prayer on Thursday, September 9th.  Take a moment to pray, to give thanks, to listen.

Silent Unity Cloister for Prayer...kick off for World Day of Prayer 9/9/10.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Todd Hayen&hellip  | 

    I am still loving your posts. I hope you will continue this blog when you are finished with your tour. Your insights are very inspirational. I also hope that you do get these comments! Much love to you! Todd

    • 2. oneofgod&hellip  | 

      Hi Todd – thank you for following along. Yes, I get them and “approve” them when they come in. Wait til I post my stay in Tulsa…OMG!

  • 3. Gena&hellip  | 

    Hey Mark –
    Finally catching up with you after some busy days. Whatever the fruit platter, it sounds/feels/tastes incredibly rich and opening – just taking a step into faith and see where Spirit takes you.
    Interesting comments about Unity Village – and perhaps The One Center..a vision. Blessings to you!

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