From Billings…with love.

September 4, 2010 Evolutionary

The countryside of Washington state.

The drive through Washington yesterday was really peaceful and filled with wonder as I looked at endless numbers of vast fields of active farming.  I was struck by the hard work it must be, naïve as I am, to rise before the sun, farm all day and reap the harvest whenever it’s time to do so.  Of course, this is a business for a farmer, but it must be a rugged one.  Farmers harvest the land so the rest of us have food on our tables.  Without them, we’d have far less fresh food.  I felt grateful for their service to humanity all over the globe, thinking of them as angels specifically sent to continue to feed the earthlings.

St. Josephs in Spokane was beyond peaceful, a welcome relief from the noise of Vancouver and Seattle.  Interestingly, the noise of the city was

What a stature at 4 feet 9 inches.

 a welcome twist only a couple of days ago. [LOL]  In fact, I seemed to be the only one at the Franciscan center and while walking around the grounds, it almost scared me to death when I stumbled on their wood statue of Francis of Assisi, made about the height he was – 4’9” – back in the middle ages.  I stood staring at him for a bit thinking that this must be pretty close to what it was like to be in his physical presence.

St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Cathedral

Also, I was drawn to the over-sized Episcopal Cathedral atop the tallest hill in Spokane.  As I walked out of Chili’s, grateful for a stupendous burger, I wondered, how will I find that church?  Raising my head, right in front of me stood the Spokane Visitor’s Bureau.  I could only laugh.  At the top of the hill, I slurped an ice cream cone and just stared at the immensity and grandiosity of this grace-filled edifice.

Rising VERY early this morning, I was greeted by a glorious sunrise that peeked over the mountains and through the valleys.  I felt moved to listen to sacred choral music, and as I did, I imagined the voices of angels bouncing off the mountain faces passing off the phrases to each other.  The whole of nature became my sanctuary with a crisp blue ceiling finely painted by God.  This trip has helped me to realize that I’m actually drawn to nature because I sense our oneness much more clearly, but I’ve made little attempt to seek out our own natural sanctuaries in LA.

Spectacular Morning.

Idaho was absolutely stunning with all of its pine trees, lakes and rivers; and, I’ve seen a long stretch of Montana, a landscape with infinite variations and colors, after driving all the way to Billings – some 9 hours.  Thankfully, the speed limit here is 75 which cut the time down significantly.  Tomorrow, I plan to drive a shorter distance to Rapid City, South Dakota for a couple of days near Mount Rushmore.  I’m so excited!

A beautiful piece of Montana.

Thank you, everyone, for staying with me during this journey.  Please add your comments and insights, too….and your prayers.  May true love and peace be upon you all.


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  • 1. Todd Hayen&hellip  | 

    Still with you Mark! This has been amazing…and so inspiring…I am determined to do a similar thing on my way to Toronto…probably not as extensive, but at least something. I am so happy this has been a great journey for you.

  • 2. Gena&hellip  | 

    Sending you prayers for safe and beautiful travel….

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