Seattle…a resting spot.

September 2, 2010 Evolutionary

Vancouver was truly delicious in every respect…the food, my hosts, the chocolate (but I mentioned food), the sofa bed, the pups, the rain, the park, the sun, the walking. 

It's mood lighting...but Mauri and Kevin were so great! More gifts in God!

 Did I mention the chocolate..oh, and the coffee?  Tres bien.  I really, really enjoyed my short time there and wish with all my heart that LA will be like Vancouver when I return.  Wishes do come true sometimes, right?  As always, with a jaunt out of the US, I’m happy to return home.  I can’t really explain why because there’s so much that I prefer about a more European lifestyle.  It is what it is.  With such beauty I’ve witnessed in my own country these last weeks, I’m experiencing a new respect for the natural landscape that surrounds us all.

Absolutely Incredible..could almost touch the skyscrapers from the Space Needle.

Seattle has been a good grounding spot for me as I begin to plan crossing east through Washington and then Montana.  It’s been nice to walk around here in Seattle, too, spend a long time atop the Space Needle, have more great coffee and to stumble across the best Mexican food I think I’ve ever had.  I realize that I said this in my entry for San Francisco…and, San Fran WAS better, but my tostada with refried beans, chicken and fresh, fresh, fresh lettuce and tomatoes and guac was so tasty, I took over 30 minutes to eat it.  And, the salsa…fantastique!

Going to Vancouver and coming back to Seattle before several long days of driving has been a good break from the

A labyrinth at the foot of the Space Needle...striking to see from so high up.

 quietude, reading, prayer and meditation as well.  Not that I’ve ignored my practice but I feel like I’ve had the chance to integrate it into fun and frustration, into the contrast between silent retreat and the varied sounds of city life.  I’m reminded that a meditative posture can remain in the midst of busyness or when surrounded by what often feels like chaos as a city dweller.  In some way, I’ve a greater appreciation for the stark differences and it seems appropriate to be mindful of this as I go forward.  I really good test will be staying with my family for a month in a couple of weeks…but, alas, that IS a couple of weeks from now and for all good purpose.  Why does it seem so easy to revert to being a child when in Houston…@ 48?!  I don’t know, but it’s worth exploring.

Just another reminder of God greater than me.

Pike Market...great food and people watching.

I can say with certainty that I’m starting to miss my friends and the familiarity of Los Angeles.  Again, I don’t feel lonely so much, but after nearly 3 weeks on the road, I wouldn’t mind having dinner or coffee or a face-to-face conversatioin with one of my cherished friends.  With that said, I think I’m ready for the vast expanse of the US plains…what to expect, I’ve no idea. Explore it with me.

I like gruesome...a paradox I know...but these made me laugh out loud.


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  • 1. Marie Z.&hellip  | 

    Seattle is a great town. Glad for your enjoyment of it too, Mark. Safe journey’s ahead. And coffee and chocolate!

  • 2. Gena&hellip  | 

    Hi Mark – And I miss face to face coffee meetings with you too! Feels like something is missing -you. Did you get my e-mail?
    Blessings on your way.

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