Vancouver…singing in the rain

August 31, 2010 Evolutionary

Well, everybody, I’m having a great time in Vancouver and unable to yet be able to take pics because having my phone on outside the US is very expensive without prior arrangements.  I use my phone to take pics so I can upload quickly in the moment.  And, my dig cam is caput…I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell caput!  With the rain, there aren’t many opps for pics, but I wish I had one of Christ Church in downtown because the dark wood beam ceilings and stone walls were captivating.  I found it peaceful and a small retreat from the busyness of the city and rain.  Afterwards, I found myself singing and humming while walking along in the chilly downpour, soaking wet, at least up to my knees.  I couldn’t stop myself from getting a hot chocolate and dilectable cinnamon roll from Vancouver’s answer to Starbucks.  Not only is it better coffee, it’s better everything!!!

My hosts, Mauri and Kevin, have been extraordinary, showing me around while it was clear and sunny yesterday afternoon.  Vancouver really is a beautiful city and seems the perfect mix of European and US, city life yet not too crowded, friendly and respectful.  It’s a whole different lifestyle here for sure.  Even the gym down the street from Mauri’s was fabulous and friendly.  Donning a fresh buzz cut, I just went walking, umbrella in hand and map in the other.  Also, Vancouver has been a nice change from the quietude and stillness that has been nurturing without question, but God is in the bustle of the city, too.

We must remember that God is in all and everywhere present.  It’s our lack of true balance that depletes us…and, of course, true balance is different for each person.  For myself, I’m quite drawn to the natural and ancient beauty of the forest as well as manufactured beauty in gardens and other lovely places.  I’ve stopped to wonder how much I’ve really explored this side of LA?  Now, it’s time for a nap.  Au revoir pour maintenance.  Peace and love to you.

One of the Tibetan Buddhist altars and Kali.

Here are few last minute pics from Earth Sanctuary.  The Tibetan Buddhist altars were amazingly pristine and beautiful.  They had a table set aside for interfaith altars, so I got to set up my traveling altar for the first time.  I was so happy.

I love traveling with my altar of many paths.


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