Whidbey Island…and OMG!..Earth Sanctuary

August 29, 2010 Evolutionary

Recommended for everyone!

This time on Whidbey Island has far exceeded any expectations of what I would or wouldn’t experience here.  I almost didn’t come but my inner guidance kept nudging me to

Incredible Creature Watching at the Bog in Earth Sanctuary.

 stay on course.  Am I glad I listened…and so is my soul.

Ferry Decks - brisk wind!!

Taking the ferry (no, not fairy!) ride across the bay only took about 20 minutes, and after driving 7 miles inland, I turned into Earth Sanctuary.  I was greeted by Tibetan prayer flags, rows of them, some old, some new.  Also, every few feet, there were stone sculptures or other ritualistic structures.  How could I decide which path to walk first?  Hence, this has been an indicative question in the last year.

Not just another sacred trail.

I decided, instead, to check in to the retreat house, which to my surprise was all mine for 2 days.  Apparently, according to Celia who cared for me as a retreatant so thoroughly, when I rented the house, I got the whole place and the whole of Earth Sanctuary.  The surprises kept coming!  I’d no idea that these grounds had been blessed by countless Lamas and other Native or Holy People.  Inside the house, there are 2 dedicated Tibetan Buddhist altars not to be touched, but an interfaith altar is available for use.  I immediately set up my portable altar of many paths – the first time I’ve really been able to do this completely.

After an hour or so at the Farmer’s Market where I had an amazing BBQ pork sandwich, I went about exploring the paths of Earth Sanctuary.  I took my time all afternoon, resting along the bog or taking in views of the forest all around.  Finally, I noticed a perfect rock for meditation, tucked away off the path.  More balanced stones were

Invitation from the Divine.

placed there and its peace transported me.  I opened my eyes to the sun shining low through the trees to create what seemed like a halo around a divine doorway.  It was simply beautiful.

I totally lost track of time, not unusual now on this journey, but made my way back slowly to the house.  I was drawn to continue meditation, so I pulled colorful cushions from the neck-high pile used by countless other retreatants, lit nag champa incense and 2 candles and started Liquid Mind.  The room was thick with the presence of spirit(s) and could feel that I was surrounded by friends known and unknown to me.

Just as the music began, I looked at the altar, candles and smoke dancing upwards.  My eyes were drawn up to absorb the many trees outside

Monoliths Everywhere!

 the large picture window right in front of me.  Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by love, by the realization of the presence of love all around me.  In an instant, I began to cry…a long awaited release since embarking on the task of shedding my things to participate fully on this journey.  The tears were not of sadness, but ones of understanding, interrupted at times by laughter and feelings of intense happiness and deep gratitude.  After a long time of just allowing the release to fully empty out, I fell into a deep quietude in communion with the One Love of all Life. 

Tibetan prayer wheel in ES with 1.3 trillion prayers on DVD inside.

I cannot disclose the details of this experience as there are many, but it was a sacred time in simple, profound Truth.  And, I see that trust is alive and well – trust in God and trust in myself. I wish to remain free of trying to analyze or figure out or project any idea about what these experiences are or might mean or will do.  They are an experience, heretofore unequalled in my life, and, for the first time, I’m willing to hold the sacredness of these close to my heart.

After this release and meditation, I kept it very simple…preparing warm, homemade rosemary bread with fresh butter and tomato soup and then reading for a couple of hours with a pink afghan wrapped around me.  The present moment has, perhaps, never been so present…at least in such a long time.

a little like Porpoise Spit - "You're terrible, Muriel."

Tired but indescribably content today, the beauty of Whidbey Island unfolded with a long drive on the island roads, nearly empty on a Sunday morning, followed by my first Christian Science service.  It was a pleasant service, but I almost fell asleep in church.  I’ve already been back to the woods of Earth Sanctuary, craving the perfect stillness inside with only the sounds of birds, insect wings and the occasional plop in the water…maybe a frog?  or a beaver?  After a gaggle of chickens (not sure about that one!) crossed the road, it was time for a hot chocolate to stave off the bracing wind.  It has been a fulfilling time here.  My heart has continued to open with lots and lots of support – earthly and heavenly.  Thank you to everyone. 

Chickens? What else?

Insulated and Held Safe.

Next up – Vancouver, Canada!!  Time with friends, laughter and the sounds of the city!

I’m so grateful for all that is.  Won’t you join me in this gratitude?


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  • 1. Sue&hellip  | 

    Chickens – how fun! One of my best friends is a little red hen. A mixed group of chickens is referred to as a flock, while a group of only hens would be a brood. A gaggle can be a group or gathering of any related items, but specifically refers to a group of geese. You were close!

    I am so grateful to you for sharing your experiences and insights – and some truly amazing pictures.

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