Oregon and the Trappist Abbey

August 26, 2010 Evolutionary

Endless Open Space

I don’t have internet service right now, so I’ve had to craft creative ways to share the last couple of days with you.

I simply cannot accurately describe the beauty of this place in Lafayette, Oregon, the Trappist Abbey.  It’s fairly rural and surrounded by lush greens of all shapes and sizes.  On the road into the Abbey, I was greeted by vast, empty golden and cranberry colored fields.  The buildings of these Trappists, including the most splendid chapel, are in the craftsman style and washed white, so they stand out against the palette of colors.  The

White Wash against the Flowing Greens

 cross of the chapel stands just above the tree-tops, intentionally placed there to guide pilgrims up the road.

The chapel is sunlit and from every direction, including straight up, it’s as if there’s a portal to heaven that beckons.  All the while, it is clear, in the chapel and in the Trappist literature, including that of the most famous of Trappists, Thomas Merton, God dwells within.  It is this journey inward that allows the journey outward to reflect the love of God.

I was happy to leave Ashland, a place that seems so tired of itself.  No doubt, it, too, is surrounded by beauty, but it has no effect on the beauty of its citizens.  In fact, its transients of all ages bring some light of freedom and joy into the streets.  If it weren’t for them, there would be barely a smile for the lot of us.  Perhaps I could only see the weariness because I’d grown weary with myself in so many ways.

Textures and Woods and Glass - the way a chapel can be!

I do, however, remain grateful for the time there as it wasn’t about the place so much as it was about a couple of revelations that hit my interior like stones hit dirt – with a thud.  Fortunately, these stones knocked me into a stupor for a bit only to guide me into a realization of what has been going on the last few months, perhaps MANY months.  Though I’m unprepared to share it with you, I trust bits will make their way into this lovely blog experience, so I will get to spread the good news.  It didn’t feel good, but it is what it is…the truth.

I have noticed themes already emerging along this pilgrimage.  I try to stay out of manufacturing a purpose for this time away, but I can’t help but observe the obviously recurring threads.  Most notable are simplicity, exhaustion and without question, love.  I am a well of love with infinite depth.  So, what’s the problem?  Fear, concepts, illusions, control, what ifs, trust…it all has no sustenance, no life when we’ve reached the end of the trail.  Maybe it’s at the end of the trail that the path really begins…it’s where love extends no other choice, where love can finally lead the way one day at a time.

It was hotter than hot here when I arrived – sweating hot – and quite brisk last night.  Even the leaves are starting to ever-so-slightly change color as fall approaches.  More on the Trappist Abbey later.  Until then…Pace e bene.  Peace and Good.

There are many invitational doorways here.


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  • 1. Jeanne LaPorte&hellip  | 

    Thank you so much for allowing me to travel this way with you.


  • 2. muriel Guilbaud&hellip  | 

    Bonjour mon ami.

    Bonne route on your Journey without distance.

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