Awesome and Ancient Redwoods…and Shakespeare.

August 24, 2010 Evolutionary

I stayed as long as I could in the plush Best Western with FREE, HOT breakfast and then continued the drive north.  Even mid-morning, I seemed to be the only one on the winding, forest-lined road…maybe because it was Monday?  Whatever the reason, it has been my good fortune to have the road to myself a lot on this trip.  The 101 makes its

Awesome...nothing else can be added.

 way through the Redwoods and then high along the coast and back again into the forest.  I was mesmerized by the clear and heavenly beauty all around me…so mesmerized, that I forgot I was driving a car at times.

I stopped in a random place to walk into the Redwood forest, a place called Interpretive Trail.  Again, no other cars anywhere around, so I made my way down the well-marked path.  I was immediately struck by how the trees absorbed any highway noise as soon as I got about 20 feet in.  Overwhelmed by the height and the circumference of these ancient trees, I just stumbled along, stubbing my feet on the protruding roots.  I didn’t care because I’d been transported into the sacred without adequate words to describe it.  All I can say about being in the middle of this silence, along a path walked by hundreds of thousands of people, gazing at and touching trees that were older than the US, older than Saint Francis, I felt a profound love.  It was as if the trees were saying to me, “We love you and everything is all right.  We’ve seen it all.  Enjoy our beauty.  It’s really simple.”  And, so, I did.  I sat on a bench at the end of the trail and just looked endlessly into the still forest.  So quiet it was I could hear the thump of my heart.  It was then that I felt completely connected to life all around me and moved into meditation effortlessly.

Just being a simple.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a voice in meditation that says, “Meditate with your whole body.”  Meditation has really expanded from my third eye into my heart space in the last couple of years and now, when I’m conscious of it, my whole body, from toe to scalp, pulsates while in the awareness of God.  We must remember that we are whole in spirit and body, mind and emotion, so meditating with the whole of our physical body makes perfect sense.

On my way back down the trail, I saw a spider threading its web.  Somehow, s/he hung in the middle of a clearing, far from any clear anchors.  As I watched it spin, quite matter-of-factly, I was reminded of the pelicans diving into the ocean for fish hours earlier…and, the mother deer with her fawns at San Damiano.  All of these animals were just doing what is natural for them to do; they aren’t second-guessing their purpose, their choices, their way of life.  They do their innate business by being what they are.  What if we stopped thinking so much and made our way from our natural, loving hearts?  What if we let our love, the love of which we are made, lead the way?  I suspect we would be fulfilled beyond all imaginings, certainly beyond all imagined fear.

After the glorious drive with the ancient trees, along rivers and rocky streams, in sunshine and through tunnels of shade, I back-tracked down to Ashland, Oregon.  It’s a small town surrounded by its own hills of gold, lined with all kinds of lush greens.  The town streets are marked by artisan shops, bakeries, restaurants galore and lots of coffeehouses.  Good for me!

Rocky River on my way to Ashland.

There’s a juxtaposition everywhere of street youth, university students, wealthier families and locals.  There’s music on the street and everyone seems to get along, though I have yet to receive a “hello” or “good morning” in return…however beautiful it is here, it doesn’t translate into overt friendliness.  But, there is a “Peace Wall” in town!

Art and Peace...great idea for everywhere!

Happiness on the Street

No matter….The annual Shakespeare festival is happening and I got a ticket for tonight’s performance of Twelfth Night…in the nose-bleed section.  It will be a welcome relief to the record high temps of 105 all day!

Twelfth Night


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