Continued Grace…and, Eureka!..California that is.

August 23, 2010 Evolutionary

Had a great time with my friend, Leonard, going all over San Francisco on Saturday…we ate and ate and ate.

The best quesadilla ever in SF.

We started out at Grace Cathedral and I won’t bore everyone with all of the pictures I took there.  But I absolutely love that place for so many reasons.  Not only does it represent the sacred for me, but it’s full of beautiful icons and other imagery.  The Cathedral is also remarkably silent just like the large cathedrals in Europe with the occasional echo funneling throughout the arches and columns.  I went to Sunday service this morning and it was full of beautiful choral music from the choir, the powerful organ and the congregation.  It was a pomp and circumstance display, but since I love all of that, it was a holy experience for me.

Leonard and the Labyrinth

The Christ with The Light.

But yesterday, I introduced Leonard to the Labyrinth and we walked it along with a few others.  He’s lived in San Francisco for 15 years and never been to Grace!  I think he liked it a lot and it was fun to explore it with him.  What struck me today inside the Cathedral was the painted wall in tribute to the meeting of Francis & Clare in the early 1200s when Clare ran away from her family to join Francis because of his love, simplicity, joy and compassion.  It’s a poignant depiction toward the very front of the nave; it’s as if their halos are really made of golden light but moreso, it’s the meeting of feminine and masculine energy inherent in all life…in ourselves especially…for God doesn’t know from gender, just the all-embracing wholeness of the Holy Spirit. 

Meeting of Clare and Francis

Timothy on his way to interview for the job he got!

I was grateful to have Timothy’s sofa to sleep on the last few days, and, after months of looking for a job, he got one while I was there.  What a relief for him!  What a great thing to be part of!  Way to go, Timothy.  We watched a few Eddie Izzard stand-up concerts.  I’d never seen him and only maybe have heard of him.  He’s f-u-n-n-y!  It was good to laugh in abundance.

After the service at Grace on this finally beautifully sunny day in San Fran, I was so happy to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge high above

Goodbye San Francisco

the bay and up the 101 again into Redwoods country along the 101 Highway. I’ll stop to go onto a Redwood trail tomorrow, but the many greens, the fresh, clean air, the blue sky against the varied tops of the forest trees reaching for the heavens was, indeed, breathtaking. I couldn’t take my eyes off all the trees…yes, real green! Well, I watched the road, too..a good thing. The highway curves high and low as if it rides at the tree tops and then through the trunks…a marvelous, reflective experience.

Redwoods along the 101.

Until next time, stop to admire the beauty right in front of you and I will enjoy a stolen moment with CNN in my big, unexpected, puffy bed.  Peace be with you all on this night.

Unusual beauty at my feet on a sidewalk in San Francisco.

God always provides beyond all expectancy.


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  • 1. Todd Hayen&hellip  | 

    Mark, what a wonderful blog! I am truly impressed. I do not have time to read much beyond the work I need to read for school, but I do read this! All the way through! You are a wonderful writer and a great “story teller.” Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

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