San Francesco…San Francisco…Saint Francis

August 21, 2010 Evolutionary

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth…I borrowed it from their website for obvious reasons.

We thought we were going to make it to Grace Cathedral but the day didn’t turn out that way.  I went with Tim while he applied to different restaurants around the city, which was fun in that I got to see different areas and ride the MUNI.  I’ve only ridden BART and never MUNI.  It’s pretty expansive and clean and the people-watching is always good.

We did manage to eat an excellent burger and afterward, a chocolate crepe on the way home.  Delicious!!  But it was a calm evening watching Eddy Izzard, a stand-up, British transvestite who’s straight, very smart and incredibly funny.  I enjoyed that a lot.  Being in the city is such a contrast to the quietude of the last few days.  As I was waiting for Timothy to finish his interviews, I just observed everybody going about their business…some happily, some stressed, some packed with baby, stroller, backpack and shopping bags walking along.  I wondered if this young mother carts her baby and all of these things with her up and down the hills of San Francisco every day…you think?  It seemed terribly cumbersome and uncomfortable.
Additionally, while riding MUNI, I was reminded what it was like when I lived in Boston riding the subway everywhere.  It was great transportation, yet most people, no matter their age, looked perpetually weary, almost void of life waiting to pull the cord for their stop.  It can be a demanding life living in a walking city, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s more than that…what comes to mind is “loveless toil.”  Perhaps it’s how many appear behind their steering wheels veiled by tinted windows in LA.  Thoughts?
With a thick layer of clouds still consuming the morning, I’ll be visiting with my friend, Leonard, all day.  I’m looking forward to seeing more parts of San Francisco that I’ve yet to see…and definitely Grace Cathedral.

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