Kindness and Grace..everywhere present.

August 20, 2010 Evolutionary

View from the top of one of the hills onto the glistening morning.

I was so sad to leave San Damiano today as my time there was an incredible outpouring of grace from the friars and all the staff throughout my stay.  I felt loved and nurtured and cared for in a way that I’ve rarely felt…it’s because I resist receiving.  Like so many, I prefer to give and forget to receive without guilt or anxious thought for how to return the gift.  I felt this same feeling of love and caring when so many friends – old and new – showed up to help me move on the Wednesday before I left LA.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity, nothing asked for in return.  All of it has been joyous and tearful.

I was so excited to see the Mother Deer and her fawns before I left.  I saw them again still later and they allowed me to approach them within about 10 feet or so.  When I spoke to the Mother, she wagged her tail like a dog.  It was very sweet and so intimate to see them grazing and walking about.

The Deer and her babies...kind and simple.

This morning, I was invited to talk privately with Father Bucher at San Damiano.  He was genuinely curious about the journey that I’m on as he sensed “some changes were coming into my life.”  We talked a lot about Francis and how I came to love Francis…certainly the person, Francis, but the life of Oneness, Love, Compassion and Honor he expressed as he walked on his own path.  Fr. Bucher and I had a lovely, meaningful conversation and I was delighted that he took time out of his busy day to visit with me.  They are starting their capital campaign after doing so much to raise the level of beauty and experience these last 5 years.  If there’s anything I can do to contribute to their efforts, I would do so without a moment’s hesitation.  In the Franciscan Spirit, the friars took me in and loved me for a few days…they also let me love them with the gifts I could bring to their operation.  I couldn’t be more grateful right now to know that Love is really all there is, alive and resplendent when we allow it, when we actively recognize it in others and in ourselves.

Once I was on the road to San Francisco, I was happy to be moving along this unfolding path that seems to lead exactly perfectly and literally to the next experience.  My friend, Timothy, has graciously allowed me to stay in his very cozy apartment the next few days down near the Pacific Ocean on the outskirts of the city.  I’ve never seen this part of San Fran and am glad to for the city-excursion and his kindness.  We’ve already made a trip to Boudin Bakery for fresh sour dough bread to go with dinner.  Writing of dinner, it’s now ready, so I will sign off for now.

Here’s to another glorious day of peace and love in God, of thinking of others and allowing others to think of me.  Indeed, thank you everyone for continuing to stay in touch and sending your thoughts by email or text.  I really appreciate the “company.”  Peace to you all.

A comforting image for me on my way from San Damiano.


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  • 1. Elisa&hellip  | 

    I am enjoying your posts! A friend tipped me off to your blog and journey and felt certain I would appreciate following along. I am. I had purchased several times at Many Paths and was sad to see it go…but such is the Great Mystery of Life. So wonderful to witness your vibration rising up to meet what the Universe is presenting you. Yes…Love is all there is! God is all there is. Thank you for sharing your journey! It is inspiring…..I look forward to the next entries!

    • 2. oneofgod&hellip  | 

      Thank you, Elisa. I really appreciate your encouraging and loving words. Glad you’re following along and do hope all is well for you.

  • 3. toddhayen&hellip  | 

    It is great to follow along with you on this journey! Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog! Peace be with you!

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