Big sigh after Motel 6…@ Peet’s at 6AM.

August 17, 2010 Evolutionary

Best French Toast Ever? I think so!

Sleepless Self-Portrait...Peet's..a savior.

After a dismal night at Motel 6, in a smoking (though listed non-smoking) room and trying with every prayer to be grateful for a place to lay my head, I finally just got up about 5AM and went to Peet’s Coffee.  Now, for that I was grateful and stayed there for 2 hours watching little Danville wake up.  With the exhaustion, fueled by the firepower of coffee, came hunger.  This corner diner served the most amazing French Toast, Bacon and Eggs…hit the spot.  I was set for the day, somehow I would get through it with no sleep, more coffee and grease/butter.  Thank God for the 2 nights of 13 hours sleep over the weekend.

Mesmerizing in the early morning sun.

I arrived at San Damiano early and soaked in the view, the warm sun and the substantial gardens around the Center.  Much has changed since my time here 4 hears ago.  This place is peace itself, striking a sense of awe in me.  I couldn’t take my eyes from the views.

After I checked in – I’m the only retreatant spending the night – they put me to work.  With all of my heart, I’m grateful to work for my shelter and food.  I got to eat with the staff and the friars and enjoyed every minute of the tasks they laid out for me.  I work each day only 4 hours and then I’m free to “retreat.”  Saint Francis has meant so much to me over these last few years – pure love, simplicity, joy, example, surrender, building a dream only to watch it change right before his eyes, heartbreak.  Yet, through it all, he knew that God was most important and the work of Consciousness prevailed in the Unchanging Love he allowed to channel through him toward all life, every being, every creature.  There so much more about him that I relate to….if I have a hero, he’s one.

Francis with the Open arms of Love

But while I was walking around the grounds of San Damiano after I arrived, I saw 2 fawns suckling their mother in the woods at the back of the property…incredibly sweet.  Hawks circled above but low not 5 minutes later and I encountered rabbits on the way back up the trail. These simple moments mean everything…when we can stop long enough to witness God in creatures, in other people, to bathe in the joy of life, the simplicity of life happening all around us, we somehow release the unimportant for just a second or two. And, most of what we spin about is unimportant.  We must remember who we are, divine beings made of love and light, the sacred love and light of God. If we lost everything, we still have love. Our capacity for love can never end or change; it’s always within us to its greatest potential. Why do we partake of a loveless existence day in and day out?  To sense this power of love alive and vibrating within us is to know that we are made to experience the Allness of Creation in our every thought, word and activity, in every allowing for the divine to make itself known through our being. How can we continue to ignore this? It is our suffering and it is our freedom…the eternal paradox. Which will you choose? Today, I’ve chosen to be in love and I feel…decadent, awesome, powerful and happy.

Simply Happy Swaying in the Breeze


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