Further North…beautiful coast we have.

August 16, 2010 Evolutionary

After another 13 hours of sleep Saturday night, I woke up ready to drive north to be near San Damiano Retreat Center outside of San Francisco.  It was a gorgeous drive with

Beautiful CA Coastline

Taize along the way.  What struck me the most was how frequently the weather and terrain changed from warm to cold, foggy to sunny, emerald forest to white rock to golden grass.  Did I mention how winding Hwy 1 is?  I seem to always forget but I had no other way out until I got past Monterey..therefore, no choice but to enjoy the scenery.

For the longest time, I was the only one on the road, amazed by just how no one seemed to be out.  Finally I got up to Carmel and stopped for coffee.  I hadn’t had any since I left LA, but, really, I haven’t wanted any until I landed in familiar civilization.  Fortunately, they had a great Safeway with excellent sandwiches, too.  Lots of pondering on the way but not much thinking, just being.  Remembering now to just be after all the details of these last weeks.  It does take a while for the mind to loosen its grip on planning and thinking….the drive this morning was meditative supplementing a long meditation in that gorgeous chapel at Camaldoli.

Just outside of Monterey, there was a sign for San Juan Bautista.  I was just wondering before I left, “Where is San Juan Bautista?”  They have an old, old mission there from 1776, and much of it remains the same with some restoration.  In fact, the town of the period has been preserved around the Mission.  The people were extremely friendly and were packed into the not-so-little church.  Very colorful, and very Catholic, church for sure.

Colorful Church

Front of the Mission Church

Finally, I descended upon Danville, a quaint town in the East Bay where I was able to workout at Crunch, free


of charge.  They, too, were so nice.  I wish my gym was like this in LA.  But, I was grateful to move a little after a long drive.  After, I went to see EAT, PRAY, LOVE.  It was pretty good…long, but good.  There were 2 lines in the movie that hit quite close to home.  After Elizabeth Gilbert puts her stuff into storage for her year-long trip, she says, “I can’t believe my life fits into a 12 foot box.”  Funny, I uttered those same words on Wednesday.

Later, she said, “Ruin leads to transformation.”  I actually started to cry on this one.  After the bookstore closed 2 years ago, I felt ruined after losing everything including a dream, one that I thought would be “the answer” to so many things.  In so many ways, it was the answer, but to unasked questions.  The path to opening the bookstore along with the realization that I loved to talk with people I’d never met about God was necessary and affirming, affirming the power I have in faith and demonstration and the passion I have for people to wake up to who they are.  Ruin was the portal for what has evolved since.  The loss still stings, but with almost everything removed, including nearly all of my faith, I see, with all that has transpired these last few weeks in perfect order, all seeming obstacles having fallen away effortlessly, that my power of faithful trust is alive and well.  And, I got to witness that my ability to manifest when a clear decision has been made is also intact.  In fact, it feels more powerful yet more sacred.

Go See Eat, Pray, Love


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