An Amazing Journey….about to begin.

August 13, 2010 Evolutionary

Putting everything in storage yesterday really made it real that I really won’t have a homestead for the next few months.  It’s okay though.  When I went back with yet another car full of last minute stuff – believe me, just stuff – it was quite something to see that all of my stuff could fit into a 12′ x 10′ space.  Granted, it was piled pretty high and I forgot to take a picture.  Note to self…take pictures for blog.

Bits of my life going along for the ride.

But, my car was another story.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to pack it up.  As Dan said, “More Tetris.”  I love to spatially organize but this one had me whipped.  It was also very hot, the sun beating down on me and I’d been up since 5AM.  I got a little cranky then decided to put everything down and meditate.  That was the answer because afterwards, all the pieces fit.  What a surprise!

My friend, John, took me out to dinner…it’s always lovely to spend time with him.  We’ve known each other a long time.  The chocolate chocolate chip cake was just perfect for dessert.  I love love love chocolate.

Seems so Simple.

So, here I am, in a completely empty house, a makeshift bed on the floor and completely exhausted.  Lots of memories here – mostly good, some not so good – but whatever the memory, it just is…and doesn’t need a label.  What I know is that lots of love was shared and revealed here.  The spiritual work created in this home was an honor to witness and powerful to experience.  Much has grown here, so much so that this lovely little house cannot contain what has been unleashed.  I think the vast and open plains I’m about to travel suggests that no containers are necessary anymore.  I will be headed to Hearst Castle in San Simeon tomorrow, leaving about 6AM with a last coffee from one of my favorite coffeehouses, Aroma.  Pace e Bene. Paix et Bon. Peace and Good.


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