And so…the journey begins.

August 8, 2010 Evolutionary

My home for the past 4 years & for the next 6 days.

I’ve decided to do my best to document this pilgimage I’m about to take through the western US, the great plains, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri and into Texas, where I was born.  I visit that great big state regularly as my entire family lives in or around Houston, minus 1 niece, who lives in Montana.  I plan to spend about a month with my family, the longest time I’ve spent with them since I moved to Los Angeles in 1986.  After that, I leave for Paris with an ex-bf…I don’t even know if “ex” is correct as we dated for less than a year.  But, I digress.  We planned the trip together and I’m looking forward to showing him my favorite city in the world…so far.  Who knows what the next months will reveal.

Some have tried to categorize this upcoming journey as a vacation.  It’s really not though the simplicity and spontaneity resemble a vacation…of that, I can agree.  But, it’s a pilgrimage.  What am I seeking?  Nothing, really.  Maybe the question is, what is seeking me? 

The process of winding up my life in LA, even temporarily has produced little bits of fruit.  To leave my rented home, I have no homestead yet I’m home.  To sell some of my things, I have less yet I’m happier.  To give away other things, I share my resources.  To take with me only what I think I’ll need, I live simply.  To detach from a rigid plan, I feel an unbound freedom rising up.  Of course, freedom is always present, but I want to see the open plains, the grand, expansive space with real greens, reds and yellows…not the dull, exhaust-ridden colors of the city.  I want to smell the fresh air…I want to feel the bake of the sun on my skin…I want to see more than a few stars in the infinite night sky.  I want to soak in a deep landscape that seems to never end in any direction.

And so…the journey begins…on the road that is, in just 6 days.  In Truth, the journey has already begun as I prepare, pack, plan (a little) and ponder.


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  • 1. Linda Tomb&hellip  | 

    You inspire me! Especially as I have just inherited more “stuff” than I know what to do with! You remind us all about what it means to be alive. Happy trails, and I can’t wait to get the updates. XO

  • 2. Pat Willson&hellip  | 

    Many blessings on your journey. May your wonderful adventure ahead nourish your soul and broaden your humanity.

  • 3. Kathy Matthews&hellip  | 

    I will look forward to your musings throughout the world. Although I was able to join your group only a few times, it was always so comforting to know you were there. I will think of you now and take a spiritual journey with you.

  • 4. Rita&hellip  | 

    Happy Trails, Mark! It sounds wonderful! Love, Rita

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